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Rémy Martin - Flavor by the Grill 

“Flavor by the Grill” is a play on the fact that Rémy Martin products are made with fire, and turning it into a hospitable invitation to gather around the fire with guests at home – By the grill, the fire pit, or the fireplace.


It’s an invitation to reconnect and dine with those who matters, and share your experience with them. It’s an invitation to open a bottle of Rémy Martin by the grill.

This campaign consists of a 4-part cooking series, a 3-part cocktail series, a radio spot, and lots and lots of Drizly banners. 

Role: Lead writer for the campaign. Wrote the campaign line, branded video scripts, radio scripts, banner ads, and web copy. Worked with the creative team to oversee the production and edit of films. 

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