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Tommy Hilfiger - Pass The Mic



Expanding on the brand's Fall '21 campaign, the Pass The Mic UGC digital activation was designed to give fans and follows the chance to speak directly to the world by lending them our platform. 

Leveraging Instagram's Audio DM feature, we passed the mic to those who wanted to speak up. Then, we turned up the volume and amplified the messages globally through our channel. 

After sharing their own messages, the campaign's hero talent invited people to send TH an audio message of them answering a meaningful question. 

How has where you're from shaped who you are? Who helps lift you up when you're down? What is your greatness? What is making you feel hopeful right now?

Role: Lead Creative Strategist ideating and shaping talent questions, explanation of idea and Call To Action, and tease, launch, and sustain phase of campaign. 

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