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Stella Artois - Your Table Is Ready 

As eating establishments return to full capacity in 2021, Stella Artois introducer “Your Table Is Ready” – a robust summer campaign that invites us all back to our favorite tables with our favorite people to rally behind restaurant recovery. “Your Table Is Ready” will inspire you and your friends to eat your hearts out at eateries again with a film featuring Padma Lakshmi. 

The film “My Place” is an invitation to bring your loved ones together around a table filled with love, food, and Stella Artois. This is a table that is always ready to welcome them: Your table.

To do so we will re-orchestrate the Drifter’s song “Come on over to my place” in a more modern fashion. And illustrate its lyrics with various scenes of people inviting you to come together around their table for food and Stella Artois.

Role: Concepted + wrote campaign line and scripts 

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