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behno is a luxury handbag line whose sustainable practices include ethical design and operations. 

the ask: tagline, tone, + social guidelines 

tagline + tone deck: here 

social media deck: here 

The tagline: Made with Care 

Each behno bag is crafted with care by artists and designers and India. Care and talent is woven into every stitch. 


behno supports its garment workers by holding their working conditions to a certain ethical standard. behno cares about giving back to its workers and their communities.  

behno’s ethos – the Swedish word "lagom" – is rooted in care and attention. Achieving “just the right amount” comes from behno’s effort in creating the perfect balance between too much and too little.

The tone: 

behno represents the voice of a positive role model. behno is a sister, an ally, an informant, and a global citizen with strong roots to home. 

When behno speaks, they speak with genuine care. behno marches to the beat of its own drum, and will inform its audience with elegance and reliability. 

behno thinks before speak. Each word is carefully crafted. Sentences are neither too short, nor too long.  behno’s messages are direct, yet tasteful. 

behno brings humanity to luxury, and maturity to comfort. 

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