Sidecar Shake KV.jpg

Rémy Martin #SidecarShake

In honor of National Sidecar Day 2020, Rémy Martin teamed up with dancer Ian Eastwood to create a "Sidecar" cocktail tutorial with a refreshing surprise:


We will turned the cocktail shaking part into an uplifting signature dance to celebrate the day in a more dynamic way. 


Inspired by the Harlem Shake, the "Sidecar Shake" is an artistic and playful way to celebrate an iconic cognac cocktail like never before.

Chief Creative Officer: Farid Mokart & Fred Raillard

Executive Creative Director: Laurent Leccia

Art Director: Michael Hess. & Ha Jung Song

Copywriter: Ranjana Naik 

Producer: Belle Hankey

Director of Photography: Gerald Nonato

Editor & Colorist: Brandon Arrega