MetLife The 100 

We live in a world of data. But when we analyze people into statistics, we end up losing the thing that makes us unique – our humanity. 

Metlife, a leading US workers insurance company, brings an annual trends report to help companies better understand what keeps employees happy and thriving: EBTS. 

But in 2019, instead of using numbers to understand humans, we used humans to understand numbers. We brought 100 working Americans together. And rather than letting the data speak for them, we asked for their opinions. 

Meet The 100.

Full Video

Instead of sticking to statistics and charts to depict EBTS 2019, we had real employees help us reveal the humanity that's too often lost within the numbers. 

We created an interactive website covering 7 topics: Career choice, purpose, financial stress, work-life balance, the gig industry, personalized benefits, and happiness and loyalty. 

Human Data Visualization

This website demonstration shows our human data visualization in action. Users interacting with the video see how each EBTS statistic is visualized with our 100 employees.

Each of the 7 chapters has a statistic represented by real people. For each human data visualization, we take a deeper dive into 1-2 real stories relating to the topic. 

Employee Interviews

We interviewed 10 employees to help reveal the humanity behind the numbers. We interviewed a fireman, a jeweler, a bus driver, and more. And revealed how their work and life influence one 

another. With these interviews, we went where no other employee study has gone before – behind the numbers. EBTS 2019 didn't turn people into turned numbers into real stories. 

Chief Creative Officer: Farid Mokart & Fred Raillard

Executive Creative Director: Laurent Leccia

Creative Director: Joel Lundbland 

Art Director: Jack Hwang 

Copywriter: Ranjana Naik 

Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem

Director: Lance Edmands