Maybelline New York x ITZY 

In 2021, ITZY was introduced as the first K-pop band to become a Global Ambassador to the #1 makeup brand in the world – Maybelline New York. Two members served as the face of the launch for MNY's Color Strike eyeshadow pen. 

The Strategy:

Create a fun, vibrant campaign for our post-90s consumer that shows off the versatility of Color Strike as it flexes for our consumer’s playful personality and adventurous life. 


The Idea: Where will you strike? 

Need eyeshadow? Contour? Highlight? How about all three in one swipe that lasts up to 12H? Maybelline New York’s Color Strike eyeshadow pen creates color impact in a single strike. 

Where Will You Strike? 

For most visibility and impact on our target audience, we created two TikTok videos that show the ease and versatility of MNY's ColorStrike eyeshadow pen. 

The first WOW video showcases two members of ITZY – Yeji and Yuna – using the products as they fit their lifestyle. The How-To video uses the same visual pneumonic 

TikTok :15 WOW

TikTok :15 How-To

Color Strike Print.png

Chief Creative Officer: Hans Dorsinville

Creative Directors: Andrew Tutko & Katy Sesh

Art Director: Kat Diaz & Elysia Berman

Copywriter: Ranjana Naik