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Unpublished Manifestos

There's a certain art to writing a manifesto. Sadly, they don't often get to see the light of day. Buried in the cracks of a pitch deck, manifestos are one of the most strategic and creative ways to sell a client on a campaign and its tagline. 

So read 'em and weep. 

Stella Artois

"Your table is ready." 

It's a sweet phrase you hear at a restaurant. 

But it's more than that. 

It's a feeling.

It's that moment just before a meal 

when you look at all the ingredients coming together: 

The perfect food, the perfect mood,

and all the people you love gathered around a Stella Artois

at the perfect place for an occasion like this: 

Your place. 

Whether it's your kitchen table, dining room table,

or outdoor table...

It's the time spent with one another that completes it.

So grab a chair, a plate, and a chalice...

And take the time to be with one another

so you can finally say: 

Your Table is Ready in The Life * Artois


This is for You.
You, whose passion keeps you on your toes. And perseverance on your feet.

You, that gets a few more things done

Before your 9 am meeting.

You, who treats each day like a Monday.-- And when needed, each night like a morning.

An early riser that closes late,
All for the business you call your own.
A small business.
A local favorite.
A team of one.

You, who doesn’t work simply because you have to.

You work because you love to.
For reasons that go beyond reason.

But, in the risky business of uncertainties, one thing is for sure.

For all of you who think it’s impossible until it’s finally done. 

We see you.
We understand you.

We’re here for you.

Vistaprint: With You.


If we had listened to reason
We would have stayed in our lane.

We would have known our place.

We would have stuck to what we know,

Driven the same roads,
And gotten nowhere.

We would have to choose between logic and love.
Would have always shaken our heads no at the “what if’s”.

Would have given our roots nowhere to go.

We would have told you what you wanted to hear,

The facts, figures, future investments,
Instead of taking you down a new path.

Reason plays by the rules.
But rules are made to be broken.

Don’t listen to reason.
Listen to your heart.

Maserati Levante — Beyond Reason


When did the world become so reasonable?

When did we start defining a space by its limits?

When did we grow out of our imagination? 


When did we stop looking at the world through the eyes of our children?


At Emaar, we know a space is defined by the first thing you put into it. Your imagination. 

That’s why it’s our guiding star. 


Imagination writes the rules.

Imagination designs the plans. 

Imagination brings ideas to life

With a childlike wonder.

To create spaces unlike any other. 

Spaces without limits. 


A place for the whole family

To live happily ever after. 

Like in a real-life fairytale

That only kids can see. 


Some may say the sky’s the limit. 

At Emaar, imagination brings us beyond it. 


Emaar. Building Imagination. 

Chief Creative Officer: Farid Mokart & Fred Raillard

Executive Creative Director: Laurent Leccia

Copywriter: Ranjana Naik