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IT Cosmetics

This is an unpublished social media campaign that brings more confidence to women around the world.

The Brief: To make the world more beautiful by taking a provocative leadership role to change the conversation about confidence. 


Confidence has a perception problem, where women don't see themselves and their stories represented.

Just like skin, confidence for the modern woman is personal and intimate. Where pride comes from their individual stories, not from leaning solely on others'.


What does confidence look like?

Good question.


Confidence isn’t just long eyelashes and red lipstick.

Confidence isn’t a bank account or zip code. Confidence is not “they will like me”,

confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t”.


Confidence isn’t confident 24 hours per day.


Confidence has no shape. No look. No recipe.

For us, confidence is a feeling of trust.

It is a commitment to yourself,

and the things you believe and love.


Confidence is an attitude you wear everyday,

not for them, for you.


Confidence. Do IT for you.

IT Cosmetics.

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Idea - My Journey

IT knows that confidence has no end-line, it is a personal journey. This brand campaign explores crucial moments in people’s lives when they relied on themselves to achieve what they wanted.

Brand Film

Social Launch - My Journey

In addition to our main brand film, we can create social content using real stories from influencers And our IT Girls. Stories that reflect how confidence is a journey and not a final destination.

Format: Small Instagram videos, Facebook Stories and YouTube

My Journey 1:4
My Journey 1:4

My Journey 2:4
My Journey 2:4

My Journey 4:4
My Journey 4:4

My Journey 1:4
My Journey 1:4


Chief Creative Officer: Farid Mokart & Fred Raillard

Creative Director: Adriana Leite

Art Director: Kate Kim

Copywriter: Ranjana Naik