Playlist for Change

Apple Music Listen for Change 

This is an unpublished campaign that might not have totally saved the world, but would've been a great place to start. 

For this campaign, Apple Music would raise awareness about our world’s most important cause with the generation who needs it most.


When it comes to streaming music, parents are lost. So they turn to their kids for help. Luckily, Apple Music is a great tool for kids to teach them.

But what if kids could use this tool to teach

their parents about something even more

important to the world?


We know the older generations don’t see climate change as an urgent issue, or take necessary actions in fighting the problem.

So let’s ask kids to use Apple Music as a tool

to teach their parents how to help save the

planet from the climate crisis.

Step 1: Playlist for Change

We will communicate the urgency of acting on climate change, from one generation to the next by sending a message with playlists. 

Use the playlist structure, we will create a new

language by turning each song title into a part of an awareness message.

Using personal appeals to family members, each playlist will highlight the dangers of climate change, and propose actions to make a change.

Playlists were also created for COVID-19 to spread the message of wearing a masking and staying socially distant. 

Dear Family
Dear Family

Parents - Home Appliances
Parents - Home Appliances

Mother - Korean
Mother - Korean

Dear Family
Dear Family



We want Gen Z to be both the face and voice of this campaign, so we’ll send the playlists to teen celebrities influencers and invite them to create their own playlists.


We’ll prepare a kit with ten playlists, info about our campaign, and simple directions for how they can join and share the cause.


To get the public’s attention, we’ll give the playlists a modern, attention-grabbing design and share them as print ads, billboards, and banners.

And curate them as Playlists for Change in

the Apple Music app, where people can see our

favorite playlists all in one place.

Playlists 1.png
Playlists 3.png
Apple In Situ 3.png

Step 2: Podcast for Change

In the weeks following the launch of Playlist for Change, we will take over a few Apple podcasts with content creators to talk about climate change.

For one full week, we will hijack podcast

channels – from icon, to tone and title – to create

educational messages on the climate crisis.

By using original content to help educate and provide solutions for climate change, we will grab the attention of many types of audiences. 

Depending on what you usually listen to, we will propose a solution on how to change the world for the better.

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The Daily.png
Podcasts In Situ.png

Chief Creative Officer: Farid Mokart & Fred Raillard

Executive Creative Director: Laurent Leccia

Art Director: Ha Jung Song

Copywriter: Ranjana Naik