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Create an awareness campaign for Air Europa in the Miami and New York market. 

Strategy -  Fly with Pasión  

Produce ads that include as much passion as your favorite telenovela/soap opera does. 

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AirNovela Mini-series 

Digital radio 

Landing Page 


Posted by Miami universities and in Miami and NYC airports 


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Offline Activation - Miami Micro Theater

Shipping containers are used as theaters for these mini plays. It's a thing. A cool, fun thing. 

So, let's bring the pasión offline and into Miami's Arts & Entertainment District. 

Onboard Extension

Lots of us want to live like locals. But, what about having your name pronounced like a local? How we pronounce words is an easy way to stick out like a sore thumb when abroad. 

Ranjana Naik CW | Alexa Sandoval AD | Juan Munevar AD 

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