Wait! Before you click anywhere
let me say this: *clears throat*
When I was 16-years-old I walked into my high school Literature class with breakfast from the school cafeteria. As I walked towards my seat my teacher stopped me, looked at my breakfast and asked what it was. I answered, "It's a chocolate chip muffin top that's been sprinkled with powdered sugar".  She replied, "Wow. You really sold me on that muffin. You should consider a career in advertising". 
Fast-forward some many months later to me sitting in my college friend's dorm. I examined her accent wall, which was a collage of high fashion ads. I thought of all the years I spent watching America's Next Top Model and the journal I kept with lists of outfit inspirations. After staring at that wall a few times I eventually said to myself, "I want to make fashion ads". 
And here you are now. That's all. I hope you enjoy your stay on my site! :)
{ ranjana }